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Psychodynamic Yoga is a hybrid approach which merges the two streams of Eastern liberation psychology and Western talk therapy. It is a gently radical approach to engaging the question:

"What do you want?"

Why Yoga Therapy?

"Because there is suffering" (-Buddha).

In response to suffering, there is practice. When Yoga becomes "skill in action" ("Yoga karmasu kausalam") it can end suffering. In practice, Yoga Therapy is an expression of skillful action. Above all, it is a healing journey into the body-mind that can turn pain into freedom, life, and love.

In my practice, I listen. At my office, you will find a quiet, safe space where your voice, your words, and your silences are heard with fundamental respect. I work with people for whom internal and/or social pressure have become too much. By combining meditation and talk therapy, blocks can be overcome.

Akiva Daube, M.A., R.Y.T.

Office located on Park Avenue in the Flatiron District

Psychodynamic Yoga

Integrated Meditation and Talk Therapy